This vlog was set just right after my previous vlog where I explored the huge market in Taipei Bridge and then ate a delicious lunch in the park. So after eating my lunch I packed my bags and moved to the new hostel in the city centre. The new hostel turned to be quite nice even though it didn’t have the privacy of a cube. The more surprising part was however the price. From Agoda I could swear it was cheaper, however upon paying for my stay the price suddenly went up. The weirdest thing was that the more days you book the more expensive it became! This was quite the opposite experience I had from other countries in Asia.

After settled in in my new hostel I continued on my quest of finding the USB battery charger for my camera. So off I went to this huge electronic mall called Guanghua Digital Plaza situated on the east side of the city. Upon entering the mall I discovered a food stall that served a famous Taiwanese dish that was rice with pork belly fat! It was quite tasty but two bowls were a bit too much fat for me!

The mall reminded of the Pantip Plaza in Bangkok and Simcity in Hongkong with shops on shops selling all kind computer equipments and other hardwares. However despite the overwhelming selections of electronic wares, I still couldn’t to find any USB battery charger for my camera – the freaking thing still eluded me..