Welcome to my photography collection page. In this page you will see all the pictures from my travels grouped by countries. Personally I’m a beginner in photography, but I got more and more interested in the subject during my travel in Asia. I got so interested that I spent quite a lot of money to buy gears during the trip. Gears aside, what was so fascinating with photography is the storytelling part. I didn’t know a picture could tell so much stories if it’s taken in certain ways. It also helped that Asia is full of beautiful landscapes and architectures. More importantly for me was the people – I became quite fond taking portraits of people, especially random people on the streets. Portraits of people always convey deeper stories about the them.

My camera gears
Main camera: Sony A7iii with Zeiss 55mm 1.8 and kit lens Sony 28mm-70mm
Backup camera: Sony A6500 with wide-angle lens 10-18mm
Vlogging camera: Sony A5100 with Kit lens 16-50mm
Pocket camera: Panasonic LX10/LX15 – got wrecked during Asia trip
Actioncamera: SJ7 Star
Smartphone: Motorola G6 (iPhone 5s lost during trip)