About me

Hi I’m Quang and welcome to Life to Wander! This site was created back in 2017 in conjunction with my solo backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. Back then my goal was to document my travels so I could share with my family and friends.

During the 8-months travel, I visited 13 countries, most of them I’ve never visited before. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. It opened my eyes to so many things; like finding joy and happiness wandering around in a new country, city or street that I knew nothing about, eating delicious and cheap food on the streets or getting to know amazing people from different culture and background.

Having experienced what real happiness actually means to me and how much there is yet to learn and experience this world of ours, made me choose a different path to live the rest of my life.

This site is about my journey to learn and to satisfy my curiosity about this world through travelling and experiencing new places, cultures and people. I hope to share this journey with you through images, blogs and videos, and hopefully be able to give you some insights and inspirations.


During my travel in Asia, I came to discover photography and I really enjoyed doing it. Each and every place I visited had so much stories to tell, whether it’s a place of worship, a crowded market or a dusty street. Even more interesting were the people I met; their face, their eyes and their body language, all of which conveyed stories that I really wanted to capture and share. Photography allowed me to do this.

Over time I became quite passionate about taking pictures of people in their environment. I feel these kinds of images tell so much stories and emotions where words sometimes lack the depth to describe.

For me photography is quite personal, yet can be deeply connected when shared with other people. I hope my photography could shed stories and emotions of people I’ve met and places I’ve visited, and through that being able to show the beauty of this world, but also raise awareness of the issues the world is facing.


If you should have any questions or comments please feel free to send me a message using the form below. You also get in touch with me through social media.