Welcome to Life to Wander!

My name is Quang and welcome to my blog. This blog, which originally was written in Norwegian, was created back in 2017 in conjunction with my solo backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

Back then my goal was to document my experiences during my travels so I could share them with my family and friends. During the 8-months travel, I visited 13 countries, most of them I’ve never visited before. The trip was one of my proudest and most exciting things I’ve done in my life. It opened my eyes to so many things; like finding happiness in wandering around in a new country that you know nothing about, eating delicious and cheap food on the streets or getting to know amazing people from different background and culture.

Having experienced that real happiness for me can be obtained with so little, really made me reconsider how to live the rest of my life.  This is where this blog comes into play.

This blog is about my journey finding happiness through travelling, experiencing new cultures, food and meeting new people. I hope to share those moments through logs, photos and videos with you and perhaps be able to inspire you to do the same.