Photography gears

Sony A7 IV – Full frame camera

This is my main camera. It has a 32 MP sensor which enables for cropping without loosing too much resolution. On the video side, this camera is able to record up to 4k 60fps video in 4.2.2 10-bit color depth. The autofocus is also very fast and accurate.  A true hybrid camera.

Sony 24-70mm GMii

Amazing versatile standard full frame zoom-lens with amazing quality in both stills and video. It’s expensive and you can find 3rd party alternatives at a much lower price. However it’s really hard to find a standard zoom starting at 24mm with this quality, weight and size.

Sony 11mm 1.8 E

Tiny but fast and ultrawide prime ASPC lens. The lens is meant for the Sony ASPC cameras, however I use this lens on my A7IV on ASPC-mode, mainly for video/vlogging.

DJI Osmo action (v1)

Begins to be a bit dated as DJI has made a third version of this camera. I use this camera mainly for vlogging and other video shots when the other cameras can’t be used. Good stabilization, decent video quality and can shoot up to 4k 60fps.

Accessories and travel Gears

Shimoda X30 backpack

This is a 30 litres camera backpack, but I also use it as my main travel backpack.

Benro carbon travel tripod

Lightweight carbon travel tripod. The weight is around 1kg.

Røde Wireless Go II

My main microphone when vlogging or filming. I also have the wired Røde Videomicro (v1) as backup.

SanDisk Extreme Portable V2 – 2TB

My main storage drive for photos and videos.