After a few busy days of shopping for camera equipment as well as setting up the new camera, I was finally ready to explore Hong Kong again! First stop is the world-famous viewpoint called Victoria Peak. The viewpoint is located on Hong Kong Island and is about 500m above sea level!

There are several ways to get up to the viewpoint and the most famous one is probably the tram. But I have heard that it is often packed with tourists and  is more expensive than the bus. Of course you can also take a taxi, but the taxi price in Hong Kong is not that much cheaper than in Norway, and herefore out of the question for me and my budget. Since the bus is the cheapest option, I went for this.

The bus to Victoria Peak is actually not quite easy to find, even if it was located at the Central station. The problem is that the Central station is a subway station and not a bus station. You actually have to cross over a bridge located at Central and then go through a building to find the Central bus terminus or the bus station. This is where you will find the bus number 15 that runs to/from Victoria Peak. This is not a direct bus and will pick up people from various bus stops along the way.

The trip to Victoria Peak took approx. 30 minutes and cost me 10 HK dollars, which I paid with my Octopus card. It was actually kind of funny to see the road to Victoria Peak, as  I swear I have seen many of these roads and streets from Hong Kong movies and TV shows.

Arriving at Victoria Peak, I continued up towards a huge building called the Peak Tower. This is where you can see the view of Hong Kong, but it’s not free unfortunately. However, according to an online guide there is a free option! The secret is a street or path called Lugard Road which is not far from the Peak Tower. It’s a side street and can easily be overlooked, but I saw quite a few people walking there so it probably wasn’t a secret after all.

Lugard Road was absolutely amazing! It was cosy, calm and quiet to walk along this path. But the highlight was the various viewpoints that can be found along the path.  There was also a lot of greenery and the fresh air that made the atmosphere feel very zen-like! Lugard Road is actually a circle. I found this out when I got to the end of the path – because I’d found myself at the starting point again!

Victoria Peak is without a doubt a place you must visit if you are in Hong Kong. It’s quite budget friendly and relatively easy to do on your own without needing to book a tour or similar!



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