Today I decided to move to a new hostel closer to the city centre of Taipei. This would make it more convenient to move around in Taipei. But before moving down to the city centre I wanted to explore more of the area I was staying at, which is called Taipei Bridge. I recalled to see a lot of food stalls around this area in the evening when I first arrived in Taipei and wondered how it was during the daylight.

It turned out there was a huge food marked that sold everything from vegetables to fish and meat. The atmosphere was quite lively as well! I believe this was the same night market I wandered into the other day.

For lunch I went to a restaurant that sold many different kind of dishes that looked quite delicious! There were also a lot of people in the restaurant, indicating the food probably was quite good and affordable. I went ahead and bought a cocktail of vegetables along with a bowl of rice. The price came to 85 NT or about 3-4 dollars (about 25 NOK ).  I also bought some dumplings from another street vendor which were cheap and taste amazing. Dumpling is an absolute must-try food in Taiwan!

I didn’t eat at the restaurant but went to a park nearby to eat my lunch. The park was clean, cool and calm and it was a great place to eat and talk to my camera.



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